Friday, July 16, 2010

10 reasons to love your pet!

1.Because they may save your life
You may have your pet to thank for saving you in an emergency like Josh Ornberg and Letitia Kovalovsky. The couple's cat "Baby" woke them up one early morning in January when a fire started in their bedroom. The house was filling with smoke, but Ornberg was able to call 911 and get everyone safely out of the house, thanks to Baby.
2. Because they help you live a longer and healthier life
It's no surprise that pets lift our moods, but therapists are now actually prescribing pets to deal with depression. Research shows being a pet owner lowers stress, and it only takes 15 to 30 minutes with a dog or cat to feel less anxious.
Also, one study showed cat owners have fewer strokes than people who don't own cats. Another showed that dog owners had a better survival rate one year after a heart attack compared to heart attack sufferers who didn't own a dog.
3. Because they may help you find Mr. or Mrs. Right
This Valentine's Day, instead of moping inside with a box of chocolates or writing angry letters to Hallmark, let that adorable animal sitting next to you help you find "the One." Pets are a great way to meet special someone. So grab that leash and head to a dog park!
Train your dog to deliver a note to that cute blonde at the park with tips from renowned pet guru, Bash Dibra. Find out more here: Fetching Love - How Your Pet Can Get You a Date.
4. Because they provide countless hours of entertainment
If you've ever watched "America's Funniest Home Videos" you know just how entertaining animals can be. Feeling bored? Turn your attention towards your pet. If they fail to do anything cute or crazy, check out these priceless animal videos:
-The Sneezing Baby Panda
-Talking Dogs
5. Because they chase away unwanted guests
Cats are a great solution to a rodent problem, and more humane than mousetraps. The world's best mouser was a Scottish cat named Towser who lived at the Glenturret whiskey distillery and caught 28,899 mice in 20 years. If you're in the market for a mouser, it is best to go with a female as they are natural hunters.
For larger intruders, guard dogs are the original home security system. Both a Great Dane and a Chihuahua can bark, but if you want a dog specifically for home protection, consider the breed you get. Breeds such as the Weimaraner and the Rhodesian Ridgeback were originally bred for hunting, but their large, intimidating look and territorial instincts helped them evolve into the perfect guard dog.
6. Because they are the first to greet you when you come home
There's nothing better than coming home to an excited, tail wagging canine after "one of those days" at the office. And no one deserves a bigger welcome than our troops fighting overseas. Check out these videos for proof it's not just the people in the family who missed these soldiers:
-Seeing my dog the day I got back from Afghanistan
-U.S. Soldier, Home Sweet Home, Sweet Surprise
7. Because they are the best workout partners
Taking your dog for a walk not only helps you stay fit, but can result in lower cholesterol levels later in life. Not a fan of running outside? Check your local yoga studios for a new class called Doga, where you can practice yoga with your dog. If you're more of a cat person don't worry, cats make perfect weights for all of those strength-training sessions.
8. Because they help keep kids healthy and teach them responsibility
As many as 90 percent of kids live with a pet at some point during their childhood, and caring for an animal is a great way to teach kids responsibility and compassion. Get tips on teaching kids to care for pets here.
Having pets around your children can also benefit their health. Being around multiple pets decreases a child's risk of developing certain allergies, and studies also suggest that exposure to pets can decrease a child's development of asthma.
9. Because you saved a pet's life when you adopted
If you adopted your pet from a shelter, chances are you gave them a shot at a life they wouldn't have otherwise had. Millions of pets are euthanized each year, but adopting your dog or cat helped to lower that statistic.
If you are thinking about adopting a pet from a shelter, check out "How to Find the Shelter Dog You'll Love" for all the information you'll need.
10.Your choice! Leave a comment and tell us your reason to love your pet.

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